Khasab Musandam Travel Guide

Khasab is the regional center of Musandam located less than 200 km from Dubai and is named the Norway of Arabia. Khasab is easily accessible from Raisul Khaimah border via Khasab Coastel road. At the UAE border you will need your passport along with your valid car registration card. UAE exit fee is AED35. At Oman border entry fee for Khasab is AED50. If you have not Oman prearranged insurance with your existing insurance, temporary car insurance available at the border for a small fee AED80.

Khasab Musandam travel guide from UAE, Khasab city is only 190 Kms from Dubai clock tower. The recommended speed is 40-60-80 Max from Tibaat Border to Khasab, because the roads are most curve type intersections through out the way.

Dubai - SHARJAH - RAK, from RAK city take RAK Cement factory road (most of the taxi drivers can show the way) well, RAK to Oman border is also bit difficult to drive, make sure your car's fuel tank is full (no pumps throughout the way) once you reach the RAK cement factory, there are directions which shows Oman border, it’s a small village type area. So that’s the way you can reach Oman border, once you reach the border, take insurance for your car (if it is not Oman covered) then visa stamping etc.

Anyway once you finish the formalities, please proceed to Khasab City which is less than 50 kms from Tibat border, till you reach Khasab’s so cool...enjoy your ride, take snaps. The road is like right side the sea, middle the road, left Side Mountains... soooo nice & beautiful view. You can reach the Khasab city within 70-80 minutes. After crossing the Khasab Port you can see on opposite left hand side of the road Petrol Station Al Maha. Once you cross the petrol station you can see our office board Khasab Sea Tours take the right diversion of the same road.

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