Khasab Camping

Khasab Sea Tours offer Musandam Special Camping Package with new designed beautiful tents in Khasab.

Khasab Musandam Beach Camping

Khasab Sea Tours introduce tents with large size for the family, couples and individuals. You can't find anywhere in Musandam tents quality that we will provide you. Below some characteristics of these new tents.

Our New Tents Features

Size & Space: The first thing to look for in a camping tent is space & its size. We have tents with large space for the entire family or for just one or two people. These tents have very comfortable sleeping positions with large accommodating area. Without enough space your night will be cramped and stuffy.
Tents Height: Our tent rooms have enough tall roof to stand-up.
Ease of Access: Tents door is easy to shut and open and its shape & height make it easy to access.
Windows: Family tents have windows and ventilation for air flow inside there’s no condensation inside.
Wind Stable: Tent's have ability to withstand wind pressures.
Compatible: Our new tents are weather compatible no matter weather in which it will be used. These tents will protect you from the extreme weather conditions weather its cold or summer.
You have options for Full Day Dhow Tour or Half Day Dhow Tour with Beach Camping.

Khasab Sea Tours Camping Site View:

Khasab Campsite viewMusandam Campsite
Campsite omanSea View at Campsite
Khasab Beach CampingSandy Beach

Khasab musandam campingFamily Tents
Tents accommodation areaAccommodation Area
Cushioned tentsCarpeted & Cushioned