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Khasab Musandam, Oman is known for the heavenly and calm camping sites in the region and Khasab Sea Tours offers the best Musandam Overnight Camping deals that are tailor made for your satisfaction.

Musandam Beach Camping With Dhow Cruise

Choose our Khasab Musandam Beach Camping option, suits you best and the most heavenly offer we present to you. Get the overnight stay at the beautiful Musandam camping sites in Oman and get yourself away from all the rush and city noises that you have become accustomed to. Feel the difference under the calm sky full of stars and the crystal clear waters of the peninsula along with mighty fjords and un-touch beauty of the warm sandy beaches. Khasab Beach Camping is one of the most calming experiences for many people and leaves them fresh like the wind ready to tackle the world. Enjoy the pleasing cruise on board our dhow cruise along Musandam Overnight Camping provides you all the calm you need and have been wishing for.

Khasab Beach Camping Includes

  • Tents at campsite.
  • Sleeping equipment’s: blankets, mattresses, blankets, pillows etc.
  • Refreshments Include Soft Drinks, Juices, Water and Fruits.
  • Bone Fire.
  • Generator for electricity.
  • Toilets.
  • Shower facility.
  • Speedboat will be ready for you in case anything is required.
  • Music system upon request.

Meals at Campsite:

  • Dinner (Barbecue).
  • Breakfast.

Lunch on the board with full day boat trip.

Khasab Musandam Overnight Beach Camping Itinerary

  • Meeting

    Meeting time is 9:15 am. Dhow Cruise Starts at 9:30 am from Khasab port.

  • Dolphins

    Dolphin watches at 10: 15 am. The Musandam Overnight Camping package includes the best Dolphin Watch with a 30 minutes boat ride right in the heart of the usual Dolphin watch area.

  • Snorkeling

    Swimming at Telegraph island 11:30 am. Visit to the Telegraph Island with boats anchor near the island for swimming and snorkeling and you can see plenty of colorful fish and sea corals in open clear waters.

  • Lunch on board

    Lunch time is 12:30 pm. Full day trip includes Buffet Lunch on the board & plenty of refreshments on the boat.

  • Seebi Island visit

    1:00 pm departure time for Seebi Island and around 1:45 pm swimming & snorkeling. Water is crystal clear and perfect for swimming. You can see lots of colorful fish near Seebi Island. Departure time for Khasab Campsite is 2:45 pm.

  • Khasab Campsite

    4:00 pm Arrival at Campsite where you find facilities such as tents, sleeping equipment’s, lights, table, chairs, toilets, shower, bone fire and refreshment’s (soft drinks, water, juices, fruits etc).

  • B.B.Q Dinner

    7:00 pm delicious B.B.Q Dinner at campsite include rice, chicken & beef tikka, chicken & beef kabab, fish curry, khubus, salad, hammus.

  • Breakfast

    7:00 am breakfast time includes egg, bread, pastries, cake, jam, cheese, juices, yogurt, tea & coffee.

8:30 am return to Khasab port. The Khasab Beach Camping also includes Sightseeing’s of some fisherman villages Nadifi, Qanaha, Maqlab, Sham and Seebi Village. You can explore the towering Musandam fjords as well.

Important information (UAE to Khasab Oman)
    • Visit visa available upon arrival. Visa fee for the UAE resident visa holders is 85 AED (50 AED at Oman border + 35 AED at UAE exit). Visa fee for the UAE tourist visa holders is 235 AED (200 AED at Oman border + 35 AED at UAE exit).

    • At border require original passport with 3 months validity both UAE residents & tourists. Resident visa holders also must have at least 3 months valid visa.

    • If you have personal car make sure that you have complete documentations such as registration & insurance. In case you don’t have Oman insurance you can buy temporary insurance at border. If you have rental car take NOC (No objection certificate) from relevant rental company. Otherwise you are not allowing in Khasab Oman with rental car.  Extra charges for transportation from UAE.

Trip Information

  • Location: Khasab, Musandam
  • Duration: 20 - 24 hrs

Help & Support

Call: +968 92009440

WhatsApp: +968 99414630

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