Things to do in Musandam Khasab

Some Must Do Activities and Top Tourist Attractions in the Musandam Peninsula

Interesting things to do in Musandam

The Musandam Peninsula is a great place to visit for your warm holidays any time of the year. The whole Middle East stays quite warm throughout the year and the Khasab region in Musandam, Oman is especially worth visiting taking you away from the busy and hectic lifestyles in daily life and presenting the peaceful calm in clear waters and natural fjords including all the other attractions as well. Here are some great places and must do activities that you should not miss on your Musandam, Oman tour this year:

The Great Oman Fjords

Nature formed the great Oman fjords in all their tall and mighty glory. They stand towering above the sea casting their huge shadows on the clear waters below and providing all the exploration opportunity you will ever need. These great locations provide the perfect opportunity for you to camp there in the warm weather that gets pleasantly cool during night time. The clear starry skies provide a great experience for any tourist.

Boat Tours to Various Parts

Boat tours from Khasab take you to all parts of the peninsula including the separated islands like the Telegraph Island, Seebi Island and many others that are naturally preserved in their traditional original state. These boat tours include the traditional Dhow boat, Dhow Cruise or the very exquisite cruises that take you anywhere you want in the peninsula.

Kayaking and Canoeing in Smooth Deep Waters

Once you are in the deep waters in a special boat, the options you have are limitless. The waters are calm and pleasant allowing for great kayaking and canoeing along the coast lines and in the many beautiful creeks found all over the region. You can kayak and canoe all you want and take that occasional swim in the warm clear waters experiencing the beauty of the underwater corals and colorful fish along with it.

Unmatched Beauty of Khor Najd

If there was one beautiful place that we could tell you about in the Musandam peninsula, it would be the absolutely stunning Khor Najd. The lookout point offers such great scenic views especially at dawn or dusk that you will not forget them for a long time. This one is located about 26 km from the main Khasab town and you can easily access it on an all-wheel drive vehicle.

Khasab Fort

Visit one of the most beautiful and traditional old school fort in the whole region, the Khasab Fort. Its huge walls and spacious gardens are perfect for passing quality time with friends and family. There is plenty to catch for everyone with shops and stalls selling all the traditional Omani collectables you will ever want on your vacation.

City Tours

The cities in the Musandam Peninsula and all of Oman are great opportunities for you to explore the true offerings of the country. Khasab has some of the greatest most secure castles and palaces you will ever find and you can take all the pictures at all these locations including some of the fisherman villages like Qanaha or Seebi getting to know the traditional way of Omani life.

Surfing, Windsurfing & Kitesurfing Activities

All these watersport activities are offers most efficiently in the Musandam Peninsula in clear warm waters. Kitesurfing is one of the crowd favorites and you can also surf regularly on the tides deep into the ocean or windsurfing near the beaches tied to speedboats.

Dolphin Watching

The warm waters attract dolphins from the world oceans into the Musandam water boundaries. Dhow boats or cruises specialize in taking you right at the heart of the usual dolphin watch waters and if you are really lucky you might even catch a huge group of them wondering around in the open warm waters.

Fishing, Swimming, Scuba and Snorkeling

The peninsula offers some of the most colorful fish that you can catch any way you prefer and swimming, scuba diving or snorkeling to visit the corals underneath are as beautiful as it gets. Make sure to take your underwater cameras with you to capture all the beauty to share with your loved ones.


People who have a passion for fishing or exploring will have a great time on-board dhow cruise activities. The clear deep waters allow for some of the most enjoyable fishing opportunities with beautiful underwater corals that provide great exploration activities as well. If going underwater is too much for you, get a hang of the tall mighty naturally formed fjords in the Musandam Peninsula. The dhow cruises can be anchored anywhere and will be waiting for you to get back from your expeditions. You can follow their schedules with expert tour providers like the Khasab Sea Tours. These beautiful things to do in Musandam Khasab satisfy all your custom touring needs most efficiently indeed.


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